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- Antalya Waterfalls

On this tour you will have the chance to see the beautiful waterfalls of Antalya such as Duden, small Duden, and walk around the national park and see the Kurshunlu waterfall.


- Antalya City Tour and Aquarium


The tour will provide you an excellent opportunity to get familiar with the capital of the Mediterranean coast, to visit the old city, Hadrian's Gate, the Revolution Square and the Aquarium. - Night Antalya With this tour you will be able to access the opportunity to experience the king of entertainment in the Mediterranean, a walk through the old town in the evening time will be a great choice to get familiar with the culture and will give you a taste of the nightlife in the historical streets of the Hadrian's Gate.


- Demre - Myra - Kekova



Myra, today called as Demre, can be reached through a roadtrip by the coast with an astonishing view throughout the ride. One of the most distinctive features of Demre is the Roman theatre, which is a well conserved theatre. You will see the engraved tombs dating back to 4 and 5 B.C. in addition to the church where St. Nicolas is resting. St. Nicolas is known to have lived in Myraas as the protector of seamen and children. lastly, one of the most fascinating area is sunken city near the Kekova Island. Here, you will be sailing over the ruins of houses, a church and a port. Almost atlantis!


- Pamukkale



The rich thermal springs, which pour down the hillside, over the course of thousands of years, have formed these bizarre cascades of travertine and mineral pools which resemble a wedding dress on top of mother nature if you think out of the box. With its peculiar lime terraces and mineral baths, Pamukkale is a work of art from mother-nature and unique in the world today. The sights of ancient Hierapolis are in walking distance and are extremely impressive knowing the fact that it is ome of a kind and is regarded as a UNESCO world heritage site. With its peculiar lime terraces and mineral baths, Pamukkale is a perfect work of mother-nature and unique in the world today. The sights of ancient Hierapolis are in walking distance and equally impressive.


- Side, Perge, Aspendos



As one of our most historically entertaining tour , where you will visit the famous ancient cities of Side and Perge, which are one of the most influential sites of the ancient era, and visit the aspendos antique theater at can host an audience of 15000 people , which was built in 1. BC


- Cappadocia

Throughout this tour our guests can experience the unique valleys and canyons, which were formed by the erosion of wind and rain over the course of millions of years. this natural phenomena made this site a true a true miracle of nature. later on in the tour our guests would fancy visiting the underground city and the open-air museum of Goreme, with well concerved churches and chapels with ancient frescoes. The first Christians who settled in Cappadocia built sophisticated cities in caves, churches and monasteries, which are still preserved to the present day. - And many others...




- Rafting

It is a must to do this extreme sport in Antalya due to its outstandingly beautiful rivers and waterfalls as it will turn a regular day into an exciting adrenaline fueled monstrosity which will definitely be remembered as a breathtaking experience accompanied by professional instructors.

- Fire of Anatolia & Troy Dance show

This dance show reflects a variety of performances from ancient cultures, legends, myths and stories, unites in itself the Turkish, Georgian, Armenian, Azerbaijani cultures. The famous dance group 'Fire of Anatolia' was listed twice in the Guinness Book of Records. - Picnic & Fishing at Karacaören Lake On this excursion you can enjoy the beauty of the landscapes of the mountain lake Karacaören, fish, and have a delicious lunch.


- Diving in Kemer

This trip includes traveling on a specialized boat to the diving spots, accompanied with professional instructors and adequate equipment for the adventure. the fauna and flora will take your breath away!! and the vastly diverse life underwater will definitely get you interested in biology. although it might seem unrelated you might even see a real tank (yes a full blown tank) sitting underwater for some reason.


- Paintball

This is definitely one of the most adrenaline pumped activity featuring extreme terrain and a tactical mindset to use the terrain as an advantage. it also provides combat awareness and highly improves coordination as a team. - Boat Tour This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the scenery of Antalya coast, to visit the open sea and swim in the turquoise clear water and completely relax as it will take you on to a journey full of wonders and view the greatness of the landscape with - Cable Ski It's a unique water park in Turkey, where the movement on the water is due to mechanical cable construction, instead of boats. In this park you have the opportunity to ride on water skis or board.


- Jeep Safari, Moto Safari


A fascinating journey by a sports utility vehicle and ATV will introduce you the wildlife of the Turkish heartland, cross enormous canyons and mountain streams, and our brave and daring guests can even take a dip in the mountain waterfall. - Hamam - Turkish Bath Turkish bath is an integral part of Turkish culture. This is not only a process of washing, is a ritual of physical and spiritual purification, including body peeling, foam massage and massage with aromatic oils. A slab of warm marble will get all the excess negativity out of your body while getting a good bath in Ottoman style!


- And many others...

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